Enrichment on walks

Enrichment on walks

As discussed on my vlog, there are three keys ways we can enrich our dogs’ walks.

If you make the effort to enrich their time with you, they will pay you back with better focus and the bond between you will improve.

1. Let them sniff:

"As we see the world, the dog smells it. The dog's universe is a stratum of complex odors. The world of scents is at least as rich as the world of sight" (Alexandra Horowitz, Author of Inside of a Dog).

Choose to let them sniff as much as they want on a particular walk or at a stage during a walk. Sniffing is vital and rewarding for dogs, they glean information that is of importance to them. We don’t need to know why, it’s part of their doggy inner world. If we drag them by everything they lose out. A walk without a sniffing is like us walking blindfolded.

2. Try new locations: Take them around a different street walk, drive somewhere new, watch how engaged and excited they become. We are all creatures of habit and find walks we like but you don’t need to stick to them all the time. Or instead of a walk on a particular day, why not try a training class instead. They are great fun and a mental workout for your dog is just a tiring as a long walk. 

3. Be more fun! Dogs are perpetual toddlers, they love to goof around and love it when we do too. You are their whole world, we have other people in our lives but dogs only have us. Be fun, enjoy their company, reward them for good behaviour. It will improve your bond and often has positive results on behaviour. A dog will recall quicker to you if you worth coming back to.