Food Enrichment

Our dogs (& cats) are scavengers, we owners know this. When was the last time you were able to set down a plate of food and leave the room with a dog present!?

So let's appeal to that natural instinct and feed our dogs in a more interesting way. 

There are some excellent ideas on the Facebook group: Canine Enrichment. Here people share lots of homemade ideas for ways to feed their dogs. 

Ways I feed Dita:

  1. From a kong
  2. From a food puzzle
  3. On a walk, rewarding for behaviours I want her to repeat
  4. Scattering in a cardboard box with tissue paper inside
  5. Clicker training in the house
  6. At a training class
  7. Scattered on grass (great way to calm a dog down)
  8. In her bowl (in the morning) 


What you feed is just as important as how you feed. The website is a great source of information. It rates food out of 5* and lets you search for your dogs size, age etc to find out good foods. 

See my Facebook video for examples of Dita's food puzzles.