What is the most important thing to teach your puppy / dog?

There is one vital lesson you must teach your puppy / dog and it is never too late to start. Do so now and everything else will fall into place!

Lesson: To respond to their name.

attention .jpg

It sounds so simple but is often overlooked. Responding to their name should be an impulse. To achieve this takes practice.

Take every available opportunity to reward your puppy or dog for responding to their name.

  • Reward recall in the house - calling them between rooms. Keep little pots of kibble all around

  • Always have treats/kibble on walks to reward response to name outdoors - where it is more distracting

  • Always use their name in a positive upbeat way. Never call their name to get them to something they don’t like (in our house that's the bath!)

Being able to get your dog’s attention is the essential first step in all training. You can’t recall them if they don't respond to their name and you can’t get them to walk nicely by your side if they are paying attention to everything but you.

Teach them that good things come from you.

You are the source of praise and reward. They must be able to trust you if you are to make progress in training together.

They check in with you and they get good stuff!

You call their name and they always get praise and reward when they come to you.

The more we bond with our puppies / dogs, the more valuable we become to them. They’ll recall better, learn faster and be more willing to work with us.

We can bond through finding ways to pay them attention - it works both ways.

Be fun - bring toys on the walk, aim to be more interesting than the other dogs and people in the park.

The more effort you put in then the easier training becomes. Together you can face any challenge!

If you’d like any advice on the above don't hesitate to get in contact.