Why Sign up?


Training is for all dogs - not just for puppies getting to grips with their new world, or adults who have developed issues living in our crazy, busy world - but for all.

Training promotes bonding with your dog.

Whether you learn tricks together or work on basic obedience, it is of benefit to you both. My own dog has taken on a new lease of life in the past two years since I've increased her training experiences. She is 11 but acts like a puppy!

Myself and Cheryl set up Happy Puppy & Action Dog classes so we could educate owners.

(Happy Puppy up to 6 months / Action dogs 6 months +).

  • We help puppy owners understand what’s normal behaviour for their puppy and how to deal with common issues.

    We demonstrate and practice life skills training. Covering, recall, loose lead walking, impulse control etc.

  • We help adult dog owners realise their dogs’ full potential, set them up for success, learn new tricks and take on new challenges.

We want to share our knowledge and encourage owners to better understand their companion.

We start each round of classes with a presentation covering nutrition, equipment, how dogs learn and much more. This mini-seminar on puppies and dogs is stand alone and gives our owners a wealth of knowledge to begin their journey.

You can join this 1 hr seminar for only £5 even if you don't plan to attend classes.

We then follow with practical classes using as many fun activities as we can think up to help puppy & adult dog learn.

We use and promote only kind, reward based methods. Having studied extensively, myself and Cheryl believe firmly that dogs learn best when they are happy and confident.