Body Language, why it's important to see the signs

Tongue flicks, hyper vigilant, tail low and a mouth clamped shut!

The video above shows Dita (my girl), moments after walking towards the marathon today. It passes along the road we usually cross to go to the park. Heading towards it today I could immediately tell she wasn’t happy. We turned around and headed in the other direction and I took this footage.

Dita is very clearly telling me that she is worried. The marathon involved lots of people, noises, clapping, shouting and someone beating a drum. All of which is out of the ordinary on her walk. A more resilient or optimistic dog would have thought it was all great craic, Dita however was not a happy bunny.

Had I ignored her signs and insisted we go in the direction I planned, then she would only have gotten worse. When dogs are forced into uncomfortable situations they become trigger stacked.

Once you understand what to look for, the message is crystal clear. Our dogs are constantly communicating their emotions but how often is no one is watching?

A quiet walk through the streets and Dita soon relaxed, her tail raised higher she began sniffing and doing her normal doggy stuff.