Exciting new puppy classes (Birchgrove)

Exciting new classes just launched

Exciting new classes just launched

I am thrilled to announce that after a lot of planning and searching for the perfect venue, I am now ready to launch exciting new puppy classes.


The classes will be based in the community centre in Llwynfedw Gardens. It’s a super venue with indoor and outdoor facilities.


Classes will run in 6 week blocks, £12 per class with the option to add a home visit for a discounted rate. You can graduate after the 6 weeks or carry on attending and I can progress your skills.

The home visit can be before puppy comes home (setting you up for those first days and nights), once puppy is home but before classes (maybe as you wait for vaccinations), or during classes to support you with what we are learning.


  • Recall (building on it every week as it’s so important)

  • Lead walking

  • Confidence building

  • Socialisation

  • Handling at the groomers/vets

  • Body language

  • Polite park use

  • Food and ways to feed

  • Trouble shooting i.e. what to do if they jump, nip, wee indoors etc

I can also add topics you need as a group, they are your classes!

I wish to show you how to train your puppy so that after the 6 weeks you can use your new skills to carry forward the training into their adulthood.

Learn to better understand your puppy; why they are play biting and what can you do, why they are jumping up on visitors and what you can do.

I want to help you build a close bond with your puppy based on trust. Let’s shape the adult dog that you’ll share many years with, starting now!

Your puppies will enjoy a safe, positive and fun learning environment. Group sizes will be kept small (6 maximum) to ensure lots of support.


  • Email recapping each session

  • Invite to a Facebook group where I will share videos and extra training tips

  • Goodie bag

My experience:

I am a member of the APDT so all my methods are effective and kind. I am a qualified teacher (my past life) so I can communicate clearly and classes will be organised and easy to follow.

I have a Diploma with Distinction in Canine Coaching from Canine Principles, a module of which focussed solely on puppy learning.

I volunteered with the Dogs Trust Dog School for a year and helped to deliver their puppy, adult and adolescent classes.

I ran successful classes with another trainer in Newport before moving my training to Cardiff. We received fantastic feedback from our classes.

I have been offering home visits to new puppy owners for almost a year now and love working with younger dogs. It is vital that their early life experiences are positive and my classes will be a wonderful opportunity for them to learn and develop.

The first course starts on Tuesday 22nd October at 6.30 pm and will run for 6 weeks.