Alabama Rot

Alabama Rot is a canine disease of unknown cause. It affects all breeds, ages and sizes of dog. Cases of the disease have been confirmed recently in South Wales. 

The first sign of the disease is usually a sore, not caused by an injury. 

The following information was taken from Vets 4 Pets website:

"Most commonly, these sores are found below the elbow or knee and appear as a distinct swelling, a patch of red skin, or

are open and ulcer-like. Within approximately two to seven days, the affected dogs develop outward signs of sudden kidney

failure which can include vomiting, reduced hunger, and an unusual tiredness. Skin sores and sudden kidney failure are not

unique to this disease alone, and are actually more likely to be caused by some other disease. Your vet will run a number of


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What we are doing: 

We are taking vet advice which is to wash off dogs paws after walks where they have been very muddy. We have antibacterial wipes and a water pump to help. More often than not there is a clean stream at the end of our walks which gets most of the mud off.

We have chosen to avoid woodland areas as there seems to a perceived link between confirmed cases and this type of area although opinions differ on this. In general there is a lot of 'unknown' around the disease. 

What you must do:

Be vigilant and check your dogs paws, legs, tummy on a regular basis. Don't force them or rush it, especially if they have sensitive paws. Wait until they are relaxed, having a cuddle and gently investigate. Use treats if necessary to make it a nicer experience for them. If you spot anything you are unsure of, particularly a sore or lesion that has no explanation then take your dog to the vet.   

In terms of probability, it is extremely unlikely your dog or even a dog you know will suffer from this but information is power so spread the word!