Why choose Walkn'Roll?

Myself & Wayne have been in the industry for over 7 years, full time. We have gained invaluable experience working with a wide range of ages, breeds and temperaments of dog and many different cats.

We embark on continual professional development, attending training courses relating to dog behaviour and welfare.

We are fully insured with Cliverton an industry leader in providing pet business insurance.

We have undertaken to carry out annual first aid courses. We have experience administering medication to cats for various ailments. 

As pet owners we understand how it feels to ask someone else to care for your pet, we seek to reassure all our clients through, texts, pictures and videos on facebook.

What happens next?

If you'd like to book dog walks, cat sitting or training, contact us. We will ask a few questions to ensure we can take on the work. For dog walking and cat sitting we will then carry out a free consultation in your home.  For training Rebecca will contact you with a questionnaire. You can fill it in yourself or we can do it together over the phone. Then we can book a date to train that suits you.

Will my dog be off-lead?

Whether or not we let a dog off-lead is a very serious consideration for us. We acknowledge that most dogs can have a more enriching walk off lead however safety comes first. With your signed permission we will assess your dog on-lead initially to test their recall and response to us. Once we are confident they are bonded with us and have a reliable recall then we will let them off in suitable areas. Should we have any doubt as to their recall or behaviour off-lead we will keep them on. We are very safety conscious and will take no risks with your precious dog.