What to expect:

A 6 week course, held at Lywynfedw Gardens Community Centre, guiding you through the skills needed to train your puppy. We will cover real life, essential skills using kind and effective methods. I am a member of the APDT and as such train to a high standard.

Recall is on the plan each week so by the end your puppy will be a recall master. We’ll also cover lead walking, handling, how to stop jumping, play biting, socialisation, confidence building, what to feed and how to feed and much more.

I will send out a questionnaire before classes and you can let me know what you’d like covered too. These are your classes.


It is £12 per class so the 6 week course is £72.

For just £28 extra, £100 in total, I will also come to your home and carry out a 1-1 (normally priced at £40). I thoroughly recommend this as the information covered will be tailored to suit you, your puppy and your lifestyle.

The 1-1 can be carried out before puppy arrives, once they have arrived but before class (as you wait for vaccinations), or during class for added support.

NB: For postcodes outside Cardiff there may be a fuel charge.

The added extras:

  • Follow up emails each week. Recapping all we’ve learned to help you practice.

  • An invite to a Facebook & WhatsApp group for support from each other and training help from me. No obligation to join but a wonderful resource if you do.

  • A goodie bag on the first class